Monday, August 20, 2007

WTD Bass Guitar

OK Everybody; The "What The Duck" Bass from "WTD" Creator Aaron Johnson is finally here!

Check him out at and buy something- he needs the money for a new bass!
Front artwork on the Ibanez Bass

As some of you know, Aaron is also in a band called "Sweet Jelly" , and during a gig, his Bass took a dive and broke the headstock off. I am attempting to :
A) repair the guitar to playablility.
B) If it isn't reapirable to play; at least have a place for guitar hooks to hold it on the wall of my office!
Here is a photo of the damage:

the break was fairly clean, so I am clamping the "wound " together with hopes it will be strong enough to restring. There is a veneer of Mahogany wood on top of the headstock that may be too damaged to repair , I have the "flecks" that came off of it- so we'll have to wait and see how bad the joint is after it's unclamped.
I'll give an update on the "patient" in a few days with better photos of the artwork, signings, and the overall instrument.
Keep your fingers crossed!! :-)
I took the clamps off this morning, and while the joint is dry- it needs to cure. The overall break is just a seam in the wood now, so I'm hopeful. There was some splintering on the headstock that will take some work cosmetically to make it look right.

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