Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's been close to 15 days...

What a wiener!

........and I haven't blogged. I've thought about blogging, I really have! Most of my earth shattereing thoughts occur around 1 or 2 in the morning, and I've even written them down.
The problem was, next morning I couldn't even recognize my own hand writting. At one point, I was sure an alien must have gotten into my room and left me a cryptic message about the future of all mankind ....if I could only READ the darn thing!


Someone saw an article in a magazine lately that showed how to do a certain technique to get a certain look to an image. Just happened to be a look that I happen to like; in fact -I do to a lot of my work. ( the "Weiner" above is an overexagerated version, ok? Or maybe not sooo much, hmmmm....)

I was asked how that made me feel- ahving my "secret" out there for everyone to see....hmmmm.. The "politically correct" answer or how it made me REALLY feel?

How about both?
First of all, I've written "how to's" for Lexar, Fujifilm, PPS, WV Wild and Wonderful, to name a few with just this kind of information, so It would be hypocritical for me to say anything other than " Hope the check clears! "
Honestly, the internet is full of people spilling their guts on how they do everything, no matter how cool originally it may be- so that nothing seems unique as it once did for long; same goes for magazines ( this one was an industry magazine of how to's and stuff) but by the same turn, it't the stuff we all ( me included ) want to learn about! Otherwise, what's the point?

I wasn't miffed, or mad, for that matter. There will always be people that just don't care for that sort of "look" or technique on something; and that's OK. I'm interested in the ones who want to BUY my work and don't ask questions "how".
The main thing for me is this: I don't do any enhancements or even take a shot with the thought "hmmm- maybe this will sell"
I am only interested in A: Is this something my client want's to convey or B: Is this relevent to what I want to say as an artist?
If I can answer either of those two questions with my photography, then that's what I do. I don't want to be defined by a technique; the technique is only a tool- like my camera is a tool. Technique can become pase' I want to stay relevent and open to new possibilities!
So no, I'm not upset that people can look at my "secret sauce" for images online or in a book- that's how we all learn and I didn't come up with something that wasn't already thought of by someone else anyway- It's the main ingredient that makes the meal- everything else should just compliment the flavor......
You should see what I'm cooking up next ;-)
BTW: Here's a link to my website if you want to see some of my work: Photographic Design

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