Friday, February 16, 2007

The Award

Took a quick shot of my trophy this morning, just wanted to share .
Not for any bragging reasons, but because what it means to me.
This is a milestone- A chance to reflect on what got me this far.
The cool thing is how I started getting a clearer vision of the work I wanted to do and the work I wanted to create.
I think back to when I started this journey and just wanted to be able to take pictures - Now I want to tell and express stories one image at a time.
To have an award of this caliber bestowed upon me is to validate all the hard work it has taken to get me to this point.
I am greatful.


Blogger Rick W said...

Hi,Having others that know how to look recognize your work is quite a good thing. The smallest of details are what they judging.... having the ability to tell a story with just a instant of time, that is an and is art.....

6:29 PM  
Blogger Scott Mitchell said...



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