Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Need'n some help on the Mainland

Ok, gang! I want to throw this out there and see if anybody can help....

I'm a big fan of Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo`ole , a traditional Hawaiian singer who's since passed away. His music is more popular today than ever- but no NEW music by him.....
So....if anybody has any connections to or IN Hawaii; check and see who the new group or artist is that carries on his tradition. No slack key guitar music please! I'm much more interested in basic traditional authentic hawaiian songs, chants, and the like.
BTW: It's been a busy week and I'm almost done with my Fall Photo Safari photos I took- I'll try and post a few more "keepers" by next week...
Aloha everybody!
I had someone from Maui contact me personally with this list of artists to check out! Mahalo goes out to Fred!
Here they are is case you're interested too:
Keali`i Reichel
Na Palapalai
Makaha Sons
Weldon Kekauoha
Napua Grieg
Thanks to everyone who took the time to contact me at my personal email!

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