Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sruce Knob at last light

Spruce Knob at sunset
This was more amazing than the photo can convey.
I was there standing on the talas field looking down into the valley. People were laying and sitting on large boulders about 50 feet below me. We all watched the sun start to slip down over the horizon; and as the rays of light curved over the event edge- you could here people suck in their breath and hold it- It was a shared experience that I wouldn't trade for anything! Think of your favorite movie with a crowd of people waiting for it to start and the reaction when the images start to apear on screen. It was like that; only better.....
Of course; not one to take the standard view- I turned my camera to the side and caught the sidelight of the sunset!

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Blogger vg said...

Great shots from the Eastern part of the state Clayton.

9:17 PM  

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