Thursday, March 13, 2008

back from the "land of the bed"...

Getting sick sucks! Sometimes you may think that a small break would be nice- or just deing "a little sick" on a pretty day would be OK; but when it HITS you, it's never "just a little" or "nice to be off."
For the past week, I've been down with a respritory infection that had me too sore to lay down and too weak to get up- definetly not my favorite way to be off from work!
But it does make you slow down and take a look at things- For the first time- I felt like I'm in a good place in my life . I was able to take off sick- and know things would be OK- I had a dog who brought me his toys and a cat who slept with me for company, a wife who was worried about me; things could've been worse....
Anyway, I'm back upright and moving ( maybe shouldn't be after all...) and back to work. I'll try and post something more interesting next week after I get caught up a little.

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