Thursday, November 15, 2007

food for thought( or; where have you been?)

As a few of you might have noticed ( ok- HOPEFULLY noticed) I haven't made any new posts this week. I've been a bit under the weather and slacked off due to the computer not being turned on at all!( I'm "on the mend" as my grandmother used to say...)
It occurred to me as I looked in my "Favorite Folders" ( I have one the says DAILY and one that says PHOTOGRAPHERS) how I have them arranged now.
Before I noticed "blogging", I would find an interesting website by a photographer who's work I admired and would check back on it occasionally to get some inspiration. As more and more of us BLOG, I would put the better ones into a "daily" folder- meaning just that- I would check in every day to see what was new with them, what inspired, worked, or didn't work, or was just plain cool.
Well, like I said - I've been off of my routine for a while and went first to my "photographer" folder because I REALLY needed some inspiration- and then to my "Daily's" and noticed two things.
1)DAILY"S -It's twice the size of my "photographers" folder and ...
2) I started adding more to it because someone else saw something on somebody elses blog and thought it was cool; and said" go have a look! "

Blogging has transformed almost overnight how we diseminate information to the masses, shows who we are better than any old website, and keeps "creatives" in touch better than phone calls ( well, maybe not PHONE CALLS.... yet!)
But I researched how many people "hit" my blog each day and I am amazed some of you think I have much of anything of value to say- but it "inspires me" and prods me to "keep the faith" and do more!
I'll be posting more photos soon, I promise! and maybe I'll do something "fresh" like give you some insight "behind the scenes" as it were. You'll just have to come back and see!

PS: thanks for taking the time to stop by; I'll try to make it worth both our time.
The C spot- Photographers welcome!

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Blogger Scott Mitchell said...

Blogs have things called RSS feeds. You can log into with your email/pass, and see all the new posts for the day etc.. You can also add websites such as etc. then just click on the links which interest you.

Here is a good example of how it works, but you will see (new) posts etc.. when you have your own user/pass.

10:57 AM  

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