Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Free Advice ( and worth every penny!)

About a year ago, I did an online interview with Jason D. Moore, and some of his questions were about the why and the what-all of being a photographer. The really cool thing was- he asked the same question from a pool of very talented photographers and each answered in a remarkable and different way! ( I'm STILL honored I was asked to participate!)
Some of his favorite answers to the select questions are being highlighted on his blog.

The question featured was:
What advice do you have for a novice creative professional/photographer?
My answer was:
“Learn the basics; crawl before you try to walk, that sort of thing. Digital has made photographers of us all, but not all of us photographers. If you can’t work the camera to get the best results possible -but have to rely on the camera to tell you what to do - then your personal vision will not take place, nor be communicated effectively. A photographer has to have a clarity of vision, a passion for the craft. Be able to MAKE a picture instead of just TAKE a picture. You have to be a story teller with every shot, or the idea fails.”

I strongly recommend you check out all of the comments- there are many better than mine that will guide you in your quest for true photographic nirvana!
Here's the link: Photographic Nirvana
OK, I made that phrase up, but the link's still good or use this one: Jason Moore /Profile reflections
Let me know what you think- better yet, let HIM know what you think! That's why we do this stuff....

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