Friday, January 04, 2008

Last person on earth...

Here's some food for thought-
I was checking out a blog topic on strobist called "our photos, Ourselves" about a movie that featured Nick Nolte as a photojournalist.
That's not the point......
The point being made was being able to detach yourself from your photography to make objective decisions on whether an image you make is good or bad.
There was a comment made back about movies - as it became a little off topic- The question arose ( inspired from the Twilight Zone marathon) "If you were the last person on earth, would you still take photographs even tho no one else would see them?"

I thought about it- and I have to say yes; yes I would!
Even tho I wouldn't have anyone elses feedback as to what they really thought ( good or bad)
I would still feel a need to make photographs that meant something to me personally.
I wouldn't think that a writer would stop writing, or a sculpture would stop sculpting- granted the subject matter may change-but the essence of that person would still need to be expressed.
I think that I would make images that move me- if nothing else; help me to remember what once was....
PS: Plus- I'd be able to exhibit ANYWHERE I wanted to....

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