Monday, November 19, 2007

30 blogs and counting

I mentioned in my last post about how "blogs" have changed how we seek information and how we interact with people on a "cyber" level now a days; I thought Id share a few of my Fav's in case anyone wants to take a look. Be sure and notice how many other directions they will send you with THEIR links! You could lose all track of time and not come out til next week; so be careful!
here they are In random order....

"On Location With Rick Lee" - new stuff everyday; the man never sleeps; unless it's on a plane to his next shoot....
"Photoshop Insider" - Scott Kelby is not only funny, he has good stuff on his blog that I can use! ( Plus, he was a nice person when I met him before he "blogged"... )
"John Nack on Adobe"- John is a Photoshop Insider, but don't let that fool you! He's one of us and loves to share some very technologically eclectic stuff.
"Jason D Moore"- OK, this one is still evolving. It started out as "soup to nuts" and has grown into the blog it is today. I like the P andP blogroll( interesting people) and his interviews ( even MORE interesting people) of industry insiders.
"Strobist"- This is the best! If you like using minimal lighting to get big results ( AND make some of your own gear) this is a must see...
"What the Duck" - OK, technically this isn't a blog; it's a website. But I check it out dailey anyway!


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Blogger jedijawa said...

I just updated my list of West Virginia bloggers. You should check out how diverse the blogs are from across the state if you haven't already.

The list is here.

12:33 AM  

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