Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bad, Bad, Blogger

OK, I'm the bad blogger- but remember that little description to the side>>>>>>>>

I also work at a professional photolab and it's CRAZY busy! So I may have neglected posting a litttle( ok, a lot!) lately...besides, who ever thought printing went the way of the dinasour when life became digital?- try keeping up with me one day during a holiday season...
So, here are some updates:
1) Thankgiving was fine- I ate too much; thank you for asking!
2) Chico decided it was time he learned how to dig up the yard. ( Chico the wonderdog)
3) I have three new product shots lined up to do.
4) New website is being designed and "FLASH" is a bitch to work with!
5) I have no shopping done- so guess what you're getting for Christmas...SURPRISE!

Actually, I like being busy- and after this many years- it's all really quite average for me. This is what I do; so I plan for it. Take the above more tongue in cheek than a rant....
I'm just a bad blogger.... :-)



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