Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My friends "Photoduds"

Intrigued by the name perhaps?
OK, I don't normally plug someone elses work on my blog - unless it's cool, right?
Well here's something for the professional photographer that is just that; COOL!
Beth Forester ( Forester Photography ) came up with "Photoduds", ( stands for photo Digital Unique Designs) sort of a "designer in a box" that allows a photographer to digitally layout their images into designs that can be made into the "flush mount" book design that is sooo popular right now ( but not so easy to do without this product!)
Here's a link to her site for more info
Why promote someone elses work, you say? What's the catch?
It's simple really, I don't shoot what she does( Senior photos) ; and she does it really , really well! plus- she's helped me out many times with advice and stuff. Consider it "payback" ( a little)
Beth gives a lot to her "photographer community" and never asks anything in return except respect; and she's got mine. Go take a look and tell'em the "C" spot sent ya...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Grandview Morning

Grandview Overlook ( Near Beckley WV) Very early one morning - But it sure lived up to it's name!