Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Puppy Post

Well, here is my new best friend CHICO. He's now about 12 wks old. You can see a little more personality in him( OK, at least I see it...) that in my previous post- he's getting all grown up!
He's now about 12 inches tall; all all teeth and tail - I should have named him nibbles...
I don't know how much he wieghs, but it is a t least double now.
I know this photo isn't all that "Artistic" but he doesn't set still for long at one time! ( maybe I'll get a cute one whle he sleeps!)

Friday, May 25, 2007

The dog has a name...

Thanks to everybody who emailed me with their suggestions ( I guess they were afraid to post them here- HEY! sign up! the accounts free! LOL )
CHICO is the winner! And no, it's not a "small dog" name (So there, T.W.)
I took Chico to the vet and he said that I can expect him to wiegh at least 90-100 lbs
I'm SOoo not looking forward to the yard work this dog is going to cause me!
I'll try and post a few photos of how he's grown this weekend..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Million Dollar View

Here is a shot of Charleston WV, that will make some future homeowner very happy. The State Capitol is in the background- middle of the shot.
I took a series of these for the developer - The land is being developed for a posh community/suburb here in the good ol WV.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Addition To The Family

Well, we now have a dog! He is a male about 8-10 weeks old out of a litter of 10. he is a Lab/Golden retriever mix - we haven't named him yet; but are waiting for him to give us a hint of his personality first!
I didn't expect we'd be getting a puppy - but my wife has wanted one for a long time and ...well, you know.....
Anyway - the cat seems to tolorate him pretty well, and we've introduced him to all the neighborhood dogs- they like him too; So I guess he stays....( Good thing since it was either me or the dog!)
If anybody has name suggestions, please feel free to let me know what you think ( No- Ol' Yeller won't be considered! ! LOL )

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Secret Falls

This caught my eye as I was in the New River Gorge area a few days ago - Not located around anyplace most people would go - so I'm keeping this one to myself. Sorry!
I will say this- the place has potential and I'm going back so you'll get to see it again some time soon.

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More New River Railroad History

Remember the movie "Matewan" ? Here is the location where it was filmed; It's almost a ghost town ( I think there are 6 full time residents still living there) named Thurmond. This is the view from the far end of town near the coal loading Silo.

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See you at the station....

I was in the New River Gorge Area today. This is an amtrak station that is still servicing passengers in the area; picking up and dropping off - and right on schedule as always.

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