Sunday, July 30, 2006

National Geographic LIVE! event

Last week, National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths Belt came to Charleston,WV to speak at a National Geographic LIVE! event held at the civic center downtown. It was an intimate afair and she was able to share her insites and photography to a good size crowd, but not so big she couldn't talk and answer questions. I was surprised by how many photographers were in the crowd; there were maybe 4 -tops. most were teachers of social studies and such. I went thinking that it was going to be an extravaganza of images and "this is how you do this" kind of thing; but what I came away with was how she ( and photographers ) need to connect with their subjects. By showing people in different countires that she was "just a regular person" she was able to break thru language barriers and cultural differences to become accepted by tribes, groups, and people that cast wary eyes toward strangers. I was impressed to say the least.
The comment that we should "change our view of the world by becoming a part of it"really hit home to me- People are all basically the same - but photographers and journalist/stories shape how we see one another; and our own predjucies can color how we photograph. If we are to observe the human condition; let's at least be human when we do it.
If you'd like to visit her website and see for your self; here is her address Be sure to tell her Clayton sent ya!

Friday, July 28, 2006

New Links Added

I just added a few new links to some of friends of mine, so be sure and take a look....
Rick Lee - The Commercial Photographer about town...
Vinces Views- An aspiring photographer that keeps me on my toes.
PaleDaddy - He defies definition as he is an artist..... :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

An Inconvenient truth....

Al Gore spoke to the National Association Of State Treasurers where I was the official event photographer; so I had the opportunity to speak to him. I was impressed how genuine and approachable he was.

He's very passionate about the environment, what we are doing to it.; and what we can do to save it. His speech was one that I looked forward to hearing; and dreaded it at the same time. Nobody likes to hear the obviously bad news - but at least there is a chance we can still turn it around.

A Brave Soul

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Jessica Lynch speaking to a group about her experiences and how she took charge of her life after being captured and rescued as a P O W from Iraq. There was saddness in her face and eyes throughout her speech ( not surprising ) but there was also a determination and quiet grace about her as well.


WOW! I've been lax about posting with any regularity.... Sorry 'bout that. I started out with good intentions; as most of us do I guess. I was inspired by two people to start this blog. One was Scott Kelby ( of photoshop fame) When I met him, he was all about getting more interactive with people , the other was Rick Lee- A superb photographer that posts a photo or a blurb a day ( seemed so easy when watching from afar...) and so I started the "C" Spot; thinking that I would have substantial things to say and share! I found out rather quick that work and assignments + life tend to get in the way sometimes.... therefore I haven't really been the greatest font of inspiration or knowledge - Like I wanted to be from those who inspired me- see above ...

So, here it is- I will try to post at least once a week - and If I find that I am failing and falling too far behind, I'll quietly go from the "blog stage" but let's not give up quite yet......