Friday, February 29, 2008

Mid East Convention

Well, it's that time of year again- traveling to tradeshows!
I'll be leaving this morning to the Professional Photographers of Ohio's Convention and tradeshow. If you happen to be there, look for the Photo Production Services booth near the stage ( on the left) at the tradeshow and say "hi". I'll try and get a few shots to post for next week- see you then!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

going to "press"

I have started a new blog called photographic Design ( which just happens top be my business name- clever huh? -LOL) using Wordpress-with a different look and "vibe" than what you normally see at the C spot. I'll keep both for now because this one still has more "me" in it and the new blog is directed to more towards the photography business end- I think I'll have stuff to say on both of them for a while.
So- go check it out- and let me know what you think
here's the link:
Photographic Design

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fuji Masterpeice Award

My print case just made it back from the Professional Photographers of West Virginia's 75th annual convention and print competition - I am pleased to announce that I have received a Fujifilm Masterpiece trophy and a Judges Choice award for my image "Goodnight-Sun"

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Moment it clicks...

Joe McNally's new book: the moment it clicks
Well, if you're a photographer, a wannabe photographer, or someone who's ever wanted to hold a camera; this book's for you.
I'm sure there will be posts galore saying wonderful things about it, and what can I possibly say that won't be said already?
fair enough- just read on anyway....
1) I just got my book yesterday and was up til midnight reading it.
2) I'm getting ready to start work today and wish I could re-read it!
That alone says it's a successful idea or book to me; when I can't shake it out of my mind.
Here's how it works:
Joe has an image that you've probably seen in a magazine or print somewhere that just blows your mind. On the next page next to it is the thought process of WHY he took the shot the way he did, and then a quote or thought that becomes the highlight ( notice I didn't say lesson ) or parable to the story-= in short the POINT behind the story AND the shot.
And you know what? the reason I'm not going to quote an exerpt from the book on my post? He says it much better than me!
I'm not going to say go out and buy the book ( RUN and buy the book- borow a copy- but not mine) because this book makes sense; commom sense at that - and it changes your perspective on photography while allowing you to keep your style.
There are plenty of books out there that we use as manuals, that tell us step by step HOW to do something; there are very few books out there that help us THINK for ourselves by example.
In short- this book makes a difference- It may well define a photographers mind.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

fast 20 seconds

Here's a look at my new "quick spots"- project. I plan on having some more ( and a little longer) promo spots done to share soon....enjoy!